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Box Stock Project EngineBergfelt Racing Enterprises, LLC

is pleased to be an outlet for the

Box Stock Project, "Yellow Clone" Engines

Parts and Accessories


Engine as shown is only $125.95 plus shipping.


When this engine is put on an older chassis, as is required by the rules at some tracks, the result is a very low cost introduction to the exciting sport of kart racing.




Clone Air Filter

A fabric type air filter will increase the performance of these engines and should be used when the rules allow it. When using this type of filter the fabric air filter oil is needed to allow the filter to effectively trap dirt particles. The filter needs to be cleaned in hot water and laundrty detergent when it gets dirty. After it has dried it will need to be re-oiled. To use this type of air filter an adaptor is necessary. Bergfelt Racing Enterprises, LLC stocks these items. Please note that when using this air filter, the main jet in the carburetor will need to be enlarged to account for the greater air flow.





Clutch, Chain, Exhaust Guard. Some sort of guard is important to protect the driver from the moving parts and heat from the clutch and exhaust pipe. Bergfelt Racing Enterprises, LLC is currently stocking this guard from the people at Gecker.





Fuel Pump

Since the Box Stock Engine Project engine utilizes a floor mounted fuel tank, a pulse type fuel pump is needed to get the fuel from the tank to the carburetor. We have found that the heat shield can be used as a mount for the pump just by drilling a couple of 1/4" holes in it and mouting the pump to the side of the guard. To operate the pump a pulse fitting and hose will need to be installed. We prefer to install it on the valve cover but it will also work mounted to the crank case. In either case a hole will need to be drilled and tapped for a 1/4" pipe thread.






The engine does not come with an exhaust pipe since different associations require different exhaust systems.

We currently stock the exhaust pipe made by Gecker that accepts a muffler like the one shown on the left that is required by AKRA and some other organizations and tracks. We can also supply pipes from other manufactureres by request.





To transfer the power to the axle Bergfelt Racing Enterprises, LLC recommends and supplies the low cost but durable Premier shoe type clutch. We have found this to perform well with either heavy shoes and red springs or light shoes and white springs.






Bergfelt Racing Enterprises, LLC stocks gaskets, and the most commonly needed replacement parts for the Box Stock Project engines. Please e-mail or call with your list for a price quote.





In addition to the accessories shown above the new racer will also need a motor mount to adapt the engine to their chassis. Please specify the tubing size and spacing when inquiring about engine mounts.

Bergfelt Racing Enterprises, LLC offeres engine set-up service for those racers who are not very mechanically inclined. We can remove the governor and install all the parts and accessories on your engine, to get it ready to just bolt on to the chassis. The labor for that service is just $50. Remember all parts and accessories and shipping are extra. We can also test run and tune the engine on our dynamometer for an additional $50.



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