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      Cutting the Flywheel of the Comer C-50 Kid Kart Engine

Outlaw C-50 Flywheel This picture shows a "new style" C-50 flywheel that has had the Bergfelt Racing Enterprises, LLC Outlaw treatment.

Stock C-50 Flywheel This picture shows an unmodified C-50 flywheel.

Notice that the unmodified flywheel as manufactured by Comer has much taller fins.  The flywheel acts as the impeller for the continuous flow air pump of the cooling system of the engine.  The blower housing of the engine is the other major component of that pump.  The air pump is very efficient at cooling the engine.  Actually, in most cases, it is too efficient and prevents the engine from getting hot enough to make full power.  That is the reason that many of the top kid kart competitors put duct tape over the air inlet around the recoil starter on the blower housing.  This cuts down on the amount of cool air that enters the air pump.  If a competitor is racing at an event where the engine must remain stock, the only thing to do is to get out the duct tape, however, if the competitor is at an event with very loose or no rules, or very few enforced rules, cutting the fins of the flywheel is the best answer.

Reducing the amount of cooling air is not the only benefit to cutting the cooling fins of the C-50 flywheel.  Cutting the fins also allows the engine to rev higher and easier.  The best way that I can think of to explain why is to imagine that you are running along the beach in ankle deep water.  That feat is relatively easy and will barely slow the runner down.  Now imagine that you wade out to where the water is waste deep.  Obviously it is much more difficult, if not impossible to run.  The same is true with how tall the fins of the flywheel are.  The shorter the fins are the less air that they move and less energy is wasted trying to drive the impeller of the air pump.

There is one more benefit to cutting down the fins of the flywheel.  Cutting the fins significently reduces the weight (mass) of the flywheel.  This robs less energy from the engine simply to turn the flywheel that can instead be used to propell the kart.

Cutting the fins of the flywheel is included in our C-50 Outlaw preparation.
If you are a do-it-your-selfer, we can cut your flywheel too.
This service is $25 plus return shipping.  If you would like to order a new cut flywheel, we will add $25 to the current retail price of the flywheel.

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