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Updated 12/31/2017

Kid Karts and Comer C-50 and C-51Engines

Bergfelt Racing Enterprises, LLC is the source for Kid Karts and especially Comer C-50/51 engines, parts and services.Comer Logo

New for 2019....Fiberglass Kid Kart Bodies

C-50 and C51 Engine Services Page

Go to this page if you already have an engine but it needs serviced, blueprinted or modified.

New C-51 Engines, Engine Parts and Accessories

Go to this page if you want to order a brand new engine or find information about ordering parts.

Comer C-50/51Tech Tips

Click here to learn the correct way to remove the flywheel from a Comer C-50 engine.

Click here to learn about the benefits of cutting down the C-50 flywheel fins .

Click here to learn how to tune the Dellorto carburetor found on Comer C-50/51 engines.

Click here to learn how to identify which ignition your Comer C-50/51 is equipped.

Learn about our replacement ignition module for Comer Engines equipped with the old Selettra ignitions.

Click here to learn the benefits of truing the crankcase deck surface.


Suggested Stock Appearing Kid Kart Engine Rules

We have developed a suggested open kid kart rule set to compliment the UAS program.

We congratulate the drivers below for their fine performances!


Graham Trammell

March 20, 2015 Graham Trammel, under the Word Racing Banner, wins at PKA McMinnville, Oregon with an engine from BRE. In the picture Graham is posing with his coach.

Driver: Graham Trammell
Crew Chief (Dad): Dennis Trammel
Coach: Randy Word
Team: Word Racing (
Track: PKA McMinnville, Oregon
1st Place


Our Kid Kart Engines are winning races from coast to coast and border to border.

They have also taken checkered flags in the United Kingdom, Dubai, Kenya, Ecquador, and Columbia


Connor Foster


Connor Foster has been tearing up the dirt tracks in Western Pennsylvania for the entire 2016 season. He was the 2017 Good Hope Speedway track champion.


Aaron McMorran

Hi Mark, thought you might like to see a photo of Aaron's kart. Having a Bergfelt motor on it makes my job of tuning much easier! Thanks again, Carl S.

Aaron Winns

Hi Mark, Aaron got his first win at Las Vegas kart club. Thanks for the powerful & reliable motor!

January 26, 2015

He won the Las Vegas Track Championship in 2016

Luke's First Win

Lukey Shellenberger drove the Bergfelt Racing Enterprises, LLC house kart to a win in his first ever race at Good Hope Speedway on September 24, 2016. Little Luke is a natural who chose lines around the track that made sense, isn't afraid to go fast but knows when to slow down too. Congratulations Lukey!

He was the runner-up in the kid kart season points at Good Hope in 2017.



Logan Lockhart

Logan Lockhart is the newest driver on the Lockhart Motorsports team in 2017. They have chosen Bergfelt Racing Enterprises, LLC for their engines. Follow the Lockhart team on Facebook.

Brodie Wendell 

Congratulations Brodie Wendell!

August 16, 2016


Feature winner at Columbus.

"Thanks to our supporters:
All Around Accounting
Greber Custom Coatings
Driven Steering Wheels
Hoosier Tires
Studio 10 Wraps
Threewide Apparel
Mark Bergfeltelt for engine work
And his team IBT motorsports for everything they do."

Tara Snyder 2/27/2016

Drew Phillips went 2 for 2 this weekend at the rumble!!!
Thanks to all the people that have helped Erik Wolleson for all you do for drew and I.Keith Niswander and accuseal for the continuing support . Mark Bergfelt for building some killer hp! Zack Myers Burris Chassis for the fast piece.and last but not least Brittany Phillips for letting Drew and I do what we love.

Kelby Phillips 12/27/1


Congratulations Zaid Raad Haddad for winning the Bambino category at Dubai Kartdrome

Raad Haddad 2/15/2015



January 21, 2014

Hello Mark,

Want to thank you for the great engines and tuning advice that you provided our team. Nicholas had a great year winning 9 races, including the year end 25 lap race at Snydersville Raceway. Alison also had a great season winning in the Kid Kart Rookies at Snydersville and winning again at Shellhammers Speedway in her first year of racing.

Thanks Again,
Will Rindgen




At the 2013 Kid Kart Nationals

8 of the 26 racers who made the final in the Unrestricted Class were our customers. Three of them had podium finishes (1st, 2nd and 5th) and one set the track record!. Congratulations to all of those drivers and Thank You for trusting us with your engines.

See video of Kid Kart Nationals Unrestricted Final

Ben Maier

January 19, 2014

I am the 2013 Nicholson Speedway track champ for Kid Kart! This trophy is bigger than me! I want to thank Mr. Aaron from Excel-Racing for the great support and Mr. Mark from Bergfelt Racing for the great power. 2013 was so much fun. I love hanging out with all my pals at Nicholson Speedway on race weekends!

Benjamin Maier



Miles Murray

December 5, 2013

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you once again for all your help this year. The engine work you provided us was flawless and made my job much easier. Miles won 10 feature races this year and won the Rookie Kid Kart Championship at King George Speedway. We are looking forward to running the unrestricted class next year using the strong motor you provided.

Have a safe and happy holiday season.

Scott Murray
SJM Pro-Grounds


ryder say

May 21, 2013

Mark,  Here is picture of Ryder Say (5 years old ). He has two feature wins in a row at Slippery Rock. Kart is scarey fast. Runs great no problems of yet. Thanks for a great engine and the racing advice on kart set-up! I'll keep you posted on future season results.

   Thanks Again, Scott Say



Kade Brown


Kade won the GCKI Kid Kart Track Championship this year and the motor was strong all season. Very consistent and the bumper is great too. Your support and advice was a great asset.
Thanks for all the help and we are looking forward to next season.
Kenny Brown

(Fulshear, Texas)





Owen Mahle

Owen Mahle at Barberton, Ohio

July 16, 2012

Mark –

Had a good day yesterday. We’ve been running up front but yesterday Owen grabbed a win. Thanks again for a great motor. We couldn’t have done it without you.


(Ravenna, Ohio)


Dalton Bavaro

Dalton Bavaro

March 6, 2012

Thanks so much for all your help last season with our kid kart. Hopefully we can do the same thing this season.

Jason and Dalton Bavaro


(Midlothian, Virginia)

Lucas Rodriguez

Lucas Rodriguez

Hi Mark,
Here are some pictures and a link to the video of Lucas' recent wins! (click picture for link)

Thanks for all your help again

Lucas has won 2 races at Homestead Karting with the help of your B.R.E. blueprint engine! Not only did he win both races by quite a lead, but the engine passed tech without a hitch! This is also Lucas' first season participating in the FCKS Series in Florida. He placed third in the last race in Orlando, again with the B.R.E. engine!

Your customer service is incredible ... Thank you for all your help!

David Rodriguez

(Miami, Florida)

May 2012

Jacob Putnam

Jacob Putnam

See Jacob at the 2011 Indy Kart Classic

See Jacob at King George Speedway

See Jacob at the Kid Kart Nationals

February 13, 2012
Jacob had a great rookie year finishing 1st in points at Old Dominion Speedway and is 2011 track champion, 2nd in points at King George, 8th at the Kid Kart Nationals and 7th at the Indy Kart Classic, all at the ripe age of 5. This was his first year karting and all done with a blueprinted Bergfelt Comer C-51 which passed tech with flying colors!

Vince Putnam

(Centerville, Virginia)

Jo Nunez

Click on Picture to See Jo Nunez in action at Homestead.

"Hi Mark,
First of all THANK YOU for helping us out and taking a million calls on Saturday!
The motor ran great....
...What do you think for motor #2?
I am glad we found you and your services!

pp. "


(Miami, Florida)


Colton Mattocks

Colton Mattocks

October 12, 2011

Thanks for an awesome season! Colton won the Slippery Rock Raceway
Kid Kart Point Championship with 6 straight feature wins. (18
straight wins if you include the heats). Colton also won 4 out of 5
Features at another track with our older B.R.E. motor. 10 Feature
wins in 2011. No doubt, Bergfelt racing engines are the answer for
anyone wanting to run Kid Karts competitively.

Thanks again,
Mont Mattocks
Colton Mattocks -69M



Andrew Schultz

Click on picture to see Andrew Schultz in action.

Andrew Schultz

Hi Mark

Here is some pics of Andrew. Thanks again for all your help!!!!

Jim Schultz

(Warminster, Pennsylvania)

October 6, 2011


Michael Lutz Jr.

Michael Lutz Jr.

Winner at Good Hope Speedway 9/17/2011

It looks like Michael Jr. is following in his father's and grandfather's footsteps.

Mike Lutz Racing

(Mercer, Pennsylvania)

Jayla Persinger

Jayla Persinger


Hey Mark,

We won again at Slippery Rock yesterday, that's two in a row now at SR. There where 5 other kid karts in her class and she started the feature in the very back and fought her way through the traffic and won.

Thanks for some awesome engines Mark!!

Jason Persinger

(Grove City, Pennsylvania)


Noah Eisenhower and his dad

Noah Eisenhower


We were able to get 10 wins this year with your motor without any issues….We were able to win our second Kid Kart Track Championship for 2011. I attached a few photos….We are running up against a Briggs 206 Animal and can still be competitive.
Thank you for your help!

Gary Eisenhower

(Freeport, Illinois)

Jason McGill

Jason McGill

(Plattekill, New York)

Austin DeLong

Austin Delong

(Bridgeville, Pennsylvania)



JJ Metheny

(Forestville, Pennsylvania)

See JJ's brother Chase at the Columbus Ohio indoor races.


David Neuman

David Neuman

(Bellevue, Ohio)

Zac Fowler

Zac Fowler

(Huntsville, Alabama)

Bergfelt Racing Enterprises,LLC Comer C-50/51 Engine Customers are requested to send their "winner's circle" pictures for inclusion here.

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