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     Removing the Flywheel from a Comer C-50 Engine

When Servicing the Comer C-50 engine it is important that the flywheel is removed correctly, otherwise the flywheel, end of the crankshaft, or both may be damaged.  Although it is possible to remove the flywheel of the C-50 with a two-jaw puller, this is not recommended.  That method can damage the center drilled hole in the end of the crankshaft making it difficult to check crankshaft alignment.  It can also damage the threads on the end of the crankshaft as well as crack the flywheel.

Bergfelt Racing Enterprises, LLC has developed a tool that makes the removal of the flywheel of the C-50 engine simple and fast and avoids damage to vital engine components.  Here's how it is done:

Flywheel Tool Picture 1

 This picture shows the Bergfelt Racing Enterprises, LLC C-50 Flywheel Removal Tool and an engine with the flywheel nut removed ready to have the flywheel popped off.

(Click on pictures for a larger image.)

Removal Tool Picture 2

Screw the flywheel removal tool onto the end of the crankshaft all the way.  After it is all of the way on, unscrew it at least one full turn.  This is a very important step.

Flywheel Too lPicture 4
Lift the entire engine up off of the work bench.  With the other hand, strike the Flywheel Removal Tool sharply with a ball peen hammer.  This will jar the flywheel loose.  Don't be afraid to hit it hard.  The Flywheel Removal Tool will take a lot of hits and one good one is all it usually takes.

Flywheel Tool Picture 5

Unscrew the Flywheel removal tool and lift off the flywheel.  That's all there is to it.

The Bergfelt Racing Enterprises, LLC C-50 Flywheel Removal Tool
is only $12.95 plus shipping.  Price is subject to change without notice.

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This page was updated August 23, 2011