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Karting Technical Articles Directory

The articles listed below were originally written by Mark Bergfelt for puplication in National Kart News.  They are the original, unedited, manuscripts as they were submitted.  They are in plain text and do not include any illustrations.  These articles are being offered with the permission of National Kart News.

National Kart News regularly publishes excellent technical articles that are useful to any karting enthusiast, from the beginner to the seasoned expert.  National Kart News also has many back issues available for purchase.  The articles not only contain useful information in text form, but also a whole lot of enlightening photographs as well.

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To read any of the original manuscripts, simply click on the links below.  Please keep in mind that some of these articles were written quite some time ago.  They are based on the best information that was available at that time.

Rebuilding the Rotary Valve Two-Stroke Engine
(added to this directory March 26, 2005)
The information contained in this article is helpful no matter what 2-cycle kart engine that the reader wants to rebuild.  Although it is specifically about rotary valve induction engines, the same principles and procedures apply to reed valve and piston valve engines as well.

Basic Race Prepping of a Briggs & Stratton Carburetor
This is about taking a stock Briggs carburetor, modifying for alcohol fuel and preparing it for WKA competition.

Staying Hooked, Reading Dirt Ovals
This article should be helpful in making the new racer more knowledgeable about changing their kart set-up for constantly changing dirt track conditions.

Too Loose, Tighten it Up
This article is about strategies for dealing with a kart that has a rear end that wants to swap ends with the front when cornoring fast.  It is primarily focused on dirt oval racing but some of the information will help a sprint kart racer as well.

Gearing Up for Tire Changes
This article will help the kart racer understand the relationship between tire diameter and gearing.

How to Hook Up on Dirt
This is a must read article for the new dirt racer.  One term that will not appear is "cross" but many of the same concepts are discussed from a point of view slightly different than many kart racing tuning articles.

So It's Pushin'
This article discusses strategies for dealing with a kart that just does not seem to want to turn.  It is primarily geared toward dirt oval racing but the information will help a sprint kart racer as well.

Using The Degree Wheel

Testing the CRG Heron Oval Chassis

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